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We’re already uplifting families through the Menahil Promise. You can be a part of it all.

El Menahil International School gives hope to displaced Syrian families through education and support for children, adults, and their families. We’re making a promise to give hope to survivors of conflict and war.

Monthly costs of running El Menahil

Supporting 3100 STUDENTS | 160 TEACHERS | 7000 FAMILIES
Maintaining the school and it's facilities so it can stay in tip-top shape for nearly 3,100 students everyday.
$48,000 /month
Children have a safe, reliable, and free bus ride to and from school each day.
$12.90 / student / month
Monthly cost of school utilities
$8.06 / student / month
Gainful employment helps teachers showcase their skills through multi-disciplinary and dynamic lesson plans.
$38.71 / month
Textbooks allow for in-depth learning.
$6.18 for 2 students / month
Monthly grocery vouchers help ease the cost of living and give families access to wholesome meals.
$35 for one family / month
Give select students extra help
$78.95/ student / month

Choose how you will support El Menahil.

Suggested donation amounts are formulated by the supported activity divided by the number of students and/or community members of El Menahil International School

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