Supporting the Menahil Promise helps bring education to the children who need it most.

The Community and How it Benefits

When we lift up families displaced by war, everyone benefits. The Menahil Promise does just that. How?

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Weekend Turkish language classes for students’ Arabic-speaking parents give them the communication skills they need to excel at their workplaces and in their community.

We’re also giving vouchers from a local supermarket chain for students’ parents to purchase groceries and household items that alleviate the cost of living in Istanbul and support the local economy.

Our free student bus service offers parents a solution for the ‘who will drop off and pick the kids up’ for school each day. Plus, it gives them peace of mind knowing their kids have a safe and reliable way to get to and from school.

Monthly costs of running El Menahil

Offer children safe transport​ to and from school
$12.90 / student / month​
Grocery vouchers help parents make ends meet
$35 for one family / month
$78.95/ student / month
School jobs offer refugees gainful work
$38.71 / month

Support El Menahil Promise

Suggested donation amounts are formulated by the supported activity divided by the number of students and/or community members of El Menahil International School

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