Since Civil War broke out in Syria in 2011, it has driven 5.6 million people from the country, each fleeing danger, despair, and, many, certain death. It has left generations of innocent men, women, and children with the harrowing scars of war and an uncertain future. Neighboring Turkey has welcomed approximately 3.5 million refugees, but families and individuals must climb the most difficult mountain of all: building a life from scratch in a country that operates in a foreign language.

With all members of the family forced to sacrifice, school-age children abandon education and help the household make ends meet. In big cities like Istanbul, children hold unregulated factory jobs where they receive little pay, may work for hours without break, and risk injury. Unknown numbers of Syrian children, too, are kidnapped, trafficked, abused, or forced into labor- exploited for their vulnerabilities as refugees.

Introducing El Menahil Promise – Founded by the Tzu Chi Foundation in 2015, El Menahil International School (Turkish name) gives hope to displaced Syrian families through education and support for children, adults, and their families. We’re making a promise to give hope to survivors of conflict and war.

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If these children don't study today, in the future, you will have to spend ten times as much money and have no way to buy back the peace of your country.

We believe education is the future for these children… Especially for us Syrians, if we don't learn, read, study and excel, we'll be doomed to misery, loss and corruption. That is what we fear the most.

Monthly costs of running El Menahil

Supporting 3100 STUDENTS | 160 TEACHERS | 7000 FAMILIES
Maintaining the school and it's facilities so it can stay in tip-top shape for nearly 3,400 students everyday.
$48,000 / month
Children have a safe, reliable, and free bus ride to and from school each day.
$12.90 / student/month
Yearly cost of school utilities
$8.06 / student / month
Gainful employment helps teachers showcase their skills through multi-disciplinary and dynamic lesson plans.
$38.71 / month
Textbooks allow for in-depth learning.
$6.18 for 2 students / month
Monthly grocery vouchers help ease the cost of living and give families access to wholesome meals.
$35 for one family / month
Give select students extra help
$78.95/ student/ month

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Suggested donation amounts are formulated by the supported activity divided by the number of students and/or community members of El Menahil International School

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