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Our Students and How They Flourish

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The students of the Menahil School attend a wide range of multidisciplinary, character-building, and culturally sensitive classes. Our topics in science, math, and literature are rooted in humanistic principles, designed to strengthen students’ character in and out of school.

They also learn the value of cleaning up. After classes are done, students are taught to tidy their classrooms everyday so they and their fellow classmates have spic and span spaces to learn in- a habit parents are appreciating at home, too!

The cherry on top? Religion classes, too, help Muslim-majority students better understand their Islamic faith and spirituality.

Monthly costs of running El Menahil

Textbooks allow for in-depth learning.
$6.18 for 2 students / month
Monthly grocery vouchers help ease the cost of living and give families access to wholesome meals.
$35 for one family / month
Give select students extra help
$78.95/ student / month

Support El Menahil Promise Students

Suggested donation amounts are formulated by the supported activity divided by the number of students and/or community members of El Menahil International School

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