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Discover Tzu Chi’s Footprint of Relief for Syrian Refugees Living in Türkiye

For nearly 4 million people who fled from Syria in the past decade, the Republic of Türkiye has become home. Learning that circumstance forced the children of many of these families to work (instead of go to school), Tzu Chi volunteers in Istanbul sought to help.


With the support of Master Cheng Yen (the founder of Tzu Chi), as well as those who’d been educators in their native Syria, Tzu Chi volunteers Faisal Hu and Nadya Chou launched El Menahil International School a school dedicated exclusively to the education of child refugees from Syria living in Türkiye.

But, at Uprooted: Compassion After Displacement, see the powerful yet sensitive ways in which El Menahil has provided people with opportunity, a sense of community, and hope.

Relief in the United States

The United States, too, has long served as a safe haven for those seeking a better life. Having accepted refugees who’ve fled Afghanistan and Ukraine in recent years, learn how Tzu Chi USA volunteers have extended their hospitality and compassion to those taking refuge stateside.

Relief in Thailand and Malaysia

In support of those seeking refuge from China and Myanmar to Thailand and Malaysia respectively, explore how Tzu Chi volunteers there have focused their relief efforts on education and healthcare.

Explore the World of Tzu Chi

DA.AI Technology

Inspired by a teaching from the founder of Tzu Chi, Dharma Master Cheng Yen, to coexist with the Earth, products produced by DA.AI Technology give used plastic bottles a second life by turning them into quality products for work, life, and even for survivors of disaster. Explore this display on the ground floor of the Tzu Chi Center.

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Our Founder

Witnessing suffering around her in rural Taiwan, a Buddhist nun named Dharma Master Cheng Yen rallied five women disciples and thirty housewives to make/sell baby shoes and pool spare change from their groceries. With these funds, they launched their first relief mission in 1966- and set off a mission of compassion and relief that has expanded to 128 countries and counting.


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