Tzu Chi Center Exhibits

Interactive multimedia exhibits at the Tzu Chi Center for Compassionate Relief.

UPROOTED: Compassion After Displacement

According to the UNHCR, 1 in 78 people have been forced to flee their homes due to war, conflict, famine, and more. Through stunning photos and videos, “Uprooted: Compassion After Displacement,” seeks to shed light on the positive impact that engaged Buddhism has had on those seeking comfort and refuge in a new home. Explore our exhibition and inspire the compassion within.

Uprooted: Compassion After Displacement Relief effort for Syrians section

10 Years of Care in Haiti

More than 11 years after one of the worst earthquake’s in Haiti’s history, a 7.2 magnitude quake struck again in the country’s southwest on August 14, 2021. 


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