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Speakers will come from the fields of psychology, health care, clinical research, religious practice and studies, philosophy, arts and culture, communications, global studies, and service-learning.

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Cafe James Austin

Discovering Zen

Talk Description Zen Buddhism is often referenced in popular media, yet for many of us the practice may remain abstract. Despite searching for a quiet mind, we might find our

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Integrating Psychotherapy

Talk Description In today’s crisis filled world, it’s important that everyone get the emotional support that they need. With the field of psychotherapy ever-growing, it can be difficult to determine

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Bhikkhu Bodhi

Engaged Buddhism

Talk Description It is one thing to preach a philosophy. It is quite another to live it, and live it well.  In this installment of C.A.F.E. 229, we are honored

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Dr. Elliot Jurist

Minding Emotions

Talk Description Psychological disorders are often viewed as a trouble with emotions. Whether that be managing them, confronting them, or, at the most basic level, identifying them. In this installment

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The Awakened Brain

In this installment of C.A.F.E. 229, we are honored to welcome Dr. Lisa Miller, Professor of Psychology and New York Times bestselling author. A trailblazer in spirituality studies, Dr. Miller

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