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Youths in Driving Climate Sustainability

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Youths in Driving Climate Sustainability

Across the globe, young people have been helping to combat climate change through a broad spectrum of activities and actions. From climate strikes, campaigns, workshops, cleanup, or practicing zero carbon lifestyle, young people have one common goal, which is to advocate for a substantial transformation of human behavior and mindset to achieve a sustainable climate and environment for all. This press conference aims to learn the activities that the youth have been performing throughout different regions in the world and to share their experiences in driving efficient and sustainable change amongst the youth community.


  • Introduction 3 minutes
  • Question 1 10 minutes (3 min each speaker)
    What are the activities you or your organization have been initiating or involving which can unleash the potential of youth and drive a meaningful change in climate action?
  • Question 2 10 minutes (3 min each speaker)
    How do you wish the voices of youth could be further enhanced in the space of COP26 and other climate related platforms?

Invited Speakers:

  • Rahmina Paullete Oyugi – Food@COP
  • Ashley Yong – Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation/Movers Programme
  • Isaac Aboah – Social Entrepreneur/Vielly

Moderation by:

  • Ashley Yong
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