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For Compassionate Relief

Flight From Death: the Quest for Immortality

Tzu Chi Center  |  December 17, 2021
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In literature, winter symbolizes dormancy, death, and dying. But, as Sheldon Solomon, Ph.D, we do not have to believe in these ideas as all doom and gloom.

This December, join the Tzu Chi Center for a transformative conversation with Dr. Solomon, a social psychologist, professor, and founder of the terror management theory (TMT) on our web series, C.A.F.E. 229. It is the final episode of season three, centered on compassion and social transformation, he’ll explain why it’s important to re-examine how we look at death and dying.

Dr. Solomon will take us through TMT, which deals with how humans understand and deal with our mortality, and how anxiety towards death may drive us to adopt beliefs that ‘protect’ us and manifest the dark side of individualism as bigotry and hate. He’ll also illuminate how cultivating healthier attitudes towards death and dying allow us to embrace empathy, compassion, and a life well-lived. 

About Our Guest

Sheldon Solomon, Ph.D. is a social psychologist and Ross Professor for Interdisciplinary Studies at Skidmore College. He earned his B.A. from Franklin and Marshall College and his doctoral degree from the University of Kansas. Dr. Solomon is best known for developing terror management theory, along with Jeff Greenberg and Tom Pyszczynski, which is concerned with how humans deal with their own sense of mortality.

Dr. Solomon is the author or co-author of over a hundred articles and several books, and he has been featured in several films (Flight from Death) and television documentaries as well as radio interviews. He is also co-founder of Esperanto, a restaurant in Saratoga Springs, and inventor of the “doughboy,” a savory pie.

Dr. Sheldon Solomon co-authored the book The Worm at the Core: On the Role of Death in Life with Jeff Greenberg and Tom Pyszczynski. He was also interviewed in the documentary Planet of the Humans, whereby he links the pursuit of renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar, to the reluctance of humans to face their own mortality.

Learn more about Dr. Solomon here.

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