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Discovering Mindfulness: An Introduction with Guided Meditation

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Discovering Mindfulness: An Introduction with Guided Meditation

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Meditation is considered a key practice in many Buddhist traditions. It requires an engagement and simultaneously a disengagement of the mind and the body. It can be overwhelming to get started, but guided meditations can serve to lead us on the right meditative path.

In this installment of C.A.F.E. 229, we are honored to have Dr. Peter Lin lead a guided meditation focusing on breathing, clearing the mind, and just existing. He’ll share with us the six principles of meditation prior to starting the practice. 

Join us for an episode dedicated to all those who could use a little more mindfulness in their life.

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About Dr. Peter Lin

Dr. Peter Lin is a Licensed Psychologist who specializes in mindfulness-oriented psychotherapy. He received an M.S. in Biostatistics from Columbia University and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology (Health Emphasis) from Yeshiva University (Ferkauf Graduate School & Albert Einstein College of Medicine). His primary predoctoral clinical fellowship was at Weill Cornell Medical College, and his postdoctoral training was at the HIV Research Center of Columbia University. Dr. Lin has a great interest in the integration of Eastern Buddhism and Western psychotherapy. He also has a strong passion for photojournalism and therapeutic photography. At St. Joseph’s College, Dr. Lin has developed the Mindfulness and Contemplative Living Minor. He has years of training in Chan (Chinese Zen) practice, and is currently a Chinese Zen Meditation teacher in the Dharma Drum Mountain Chan lineage. He is also an active volunteer who participates in disaster relief as a Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation commissioner.

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