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Emotional Freedom Through Music

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Emotional Freedom Through Music

Grant Jones
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Not all communities have equal access to learning and participating in meditative practices. Similarly, the meditative practices of many historically marginalized communities have been stripped from them, leaving large swaths of the population without the care they both desire and deserve. 

In this installment of C.A.F.E. 229, we are honored to welcome Grant Jones. Founder of the Black Lotus Collective, he has discovered a way to incorporate music and meditation into the healing and liberation of people with historically marginalized identities.

Join us for an episode dedicated to life, love and liberation for all

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About The Grant Jones

Grant Jones (he/him) is a contemplative, musician, researcher, and activist. He is a co-founder of The Black Lotus Collective, a meditation community that centers the healing and liberation of individuals with historically marginalized identities (i.e. Black, Brown, Queer Folks, Folks with Disabilities). He is also a Clinical Psychology PhD candidate at Harvard University. His research and life work centers around developing and implementing contemplative and liberatory tools for underserved populations. His music is rooted in Black soul, R&B, and alternative music traditions. He loves his family, his friends, nature, travel, moving his body, and good food.


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