For Compassionate Relief

For Compassionate Relief

Holistic Climate Solutions Summit

Tzu Chi Center  |  September 27, 2022
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From September 19th – September 25th, the Tzu Chi Center is hosting the Holistic Climate Solutions Summit, a week-long convergence of the minds. From academics to activists, youth leaders to long-standing government officials, all walks of life are coming together this week for one mutual goal: developing the innovative solutions we need to tackle the climate crisis.

Join us for our episode on Sunday, September 25th, as we wrap up our Holistic Climate Solutions Summit, with Sarah Chu and Dallas Conyers, co-organizers of the event. Together with host Steve Chiu, they’ll reflect on the whole of the summit, the holistic climate solutions that emerged over its course, and what we can expect moving forward.

About Our Guests

Sarah Chu

In developing global partnership and managing humanitarian projects, Sarah Yu-Chia Chu focuses on helping people in need where disaster and emergency occur as senior project specialist in the Global Partnership Affairs Department (GPAD) of the Buddhist Tzu Chi Charity Foundation. Working closely with executives and the Board of Directors, she and her team respond to four interconnected challenges: the COVID-19 pandemic and the human rights it has imperiled; climate change; conflict and humanitarian crises; and faith community backsliding.  

Dallas Conyers

Rev. Dallas Conyers is a community health activist. Her work is centered in helping people be able to live out their creation purpose, with a healthy body, in a healthy environment. 

She leads intersectional conversations, workshops and panels on topics that include the intersection of Health, Faith, Environment, Justice, Climate,Equity, and Racism.

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