For Compassionate Relief

For Compassionate Relief

Turning Faith Into Action for a Greener World

Tzu Chi Center  |  November 22, 2022
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Faith has the potential to play a powerful part in our fight against the climate crisis. Whether it be fostering a sense of community, building our connection with the earth, or reminding us of a greater purpose, faith centers can reorient us, serving as a site for radical change and compassion.

On this episode of United in Action, Host Steve Chiu travels to Boston to speak with Dr. Marium Husain about the power inherent in faith groups and how it might be used to make a big difference. They’ll explore how we might mend our relationship with the natural realm and find humanity in one another to create not only the world we need, but the world we want

Join us for our episode on Tuesday, November 22nd, as we dig deep with Dr. Marium Husain, President of IMANA.

About Our Guest

Dr. Marium Husain

Dr. Marium Husain, MD, MPH is a Hematology/Oncology Fellow at The Ohio State University James Comprehensive Cancer Center. She graduated from The Ohio State University College of Medicine and completed a residency in Internal Medicine. Dr. Husain has been working on community service projects in the Columbus area and abroad for the past 12 years. As the President of IMANA (Islamic Medical Association of North America), she has been working on public health education and domestic projects related to food insecurity, women’s health, reproductive health, and climate change. She has also traveled to Haiti, as part of IMANA Medical Relief, to help provide primary care at a rural clinic and raised money to build wells for clean water access.

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