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2024 Interfaith Harmony Week

This event has already past!

2024 Interfaith Harmony Week

World Interfaith Harmony Week 2024 event presented by Tzu Chi USAChan Space New York, Tzu Chi Center, and Global Family for Love and Peace.

The World Interfaith Harmony Week provides a platform – one week in a year – when interfaith and other groups of goodwill show the world what a powerful movement they are. On February 2nd, during the World Interfaith Harmony Week, the presenters invite you to contribute to an intergenerational conversation and share experiences, knowledge and values founded on your faith tradition that fosters mutual respect, understanding, and collaboration. “Collaboration” in this context is a call to action.

We believe your unique perspective and expertise will greatly contribute to the meaningful exchange of ideas and experiences, bringing new perspectives and understandings to the day’s issues. The event will begin at 3:00pm at the Tzu Chi Center for a 60–90 minute conversation with the other participants and interaction with the audience. We hope you will stay longer for tea and meditation at Chan Space, and back to the Tzu Center for a final gathering, with light food and prayers. Tzu Chi Center and Chan Space are located on the same block on East 60th Street, between 2nd and 3rd Avenues.

A series of meetings, podcasts, and special events sharing the wisdom of intergenerational, interfaith conversations with the world.


3pm – 4pm: Panelist Dialogue 
4:15pm – 5pm: Chan Space – Meditation 
5:15pm – 6:00pm Refreshments & Reflections
6:00pm – 6:30pm Cello Performance & Closing Prayer


Rev. Doyeon Park

Won Buddhism of Manhattan

Thomas Petriano, Ph.D

Professor & Chair of Religious Studies, St. Joseph’s University New York

Rev. Dr. Chloe Breyer

Executive Director, The Interfaith Center of New York

Rosleny Ubiñas

Youth Representative of the Bahá’ís of the US to the United Nations

Rev. Christopher Dreisbach, PhD

Interim Priest
All Saints Episcopal Church

Lee Dufallo, Special Performance

Cellist, Together In Harmony

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