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Mindful Eye: November Film at Tzu Chi Center

Tzu Chi Center GUNDA

November 10, 2021 is the first-ever Call to Earth Day, a CNN initiative that celebrates our planet, draws awareness to pressing environmental issues, and fosters engagement with conservation education. In honor of this occasion, Mindful Eye is proud to screen the documentary film, Gunda (2020), from November 10 to 16. Plus, catch our exclusive interview with the director of the film, Russian filmmaker Viktor Kossakovsky.

Gunda is a black and white feature documentary film that explores the trials and tribulations of a mother pig, and her pastoral companions, who include two cows and a one-legged chicken. By observing them in all their ingenuity, tenacity, and vigor, the film delves into the mystery and wonder of animal consciousness, reminding us of the value of all life. The film’s executive producer is Joaquin Phoenix.

VIKTOR KOSSAKOVSKY is a Russian documentary master whose previous works include Aquarela, Vivan las Antipodas, and Belovy.

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