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Confronting Plastics: A Strategic Ethical Response

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Confronting Plastics: A Strategic Ethical Response

Plastics and the Climate | Panel

In the US, plastics have rapidly become the go-to material across all sectors of society. They may even be found in every stage of our food chains, from the feed given to livestock to the packaging of foods and drinks.

Plastics and the chemicals used to produce them are linked to a number of health problems: obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, reproductive problems and neural problems like attention deficit disorder. Research suggests that if plastic and chemical pollution grows at its current rate, human beings could be rendered medically infertile by 2040.

The petrochemical industry has identified plastics as their next growth market. The proposed event will feature a panel discussion that will invite experts, advocates, and ethicists/theologians to connect the threat of the plastic life cycle to short- and long-term human and environmental vitality. Following the panel, attendees will be invited to join a small group collaborative working session.

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Alex Tan, Assistant Professor at Tzu Chi University


Andrew Schwartz, Director, Sustainability and Global Affairs at Center for Earth Ethics

Date & Time

Saturday, 9/24
10:00 AM – 12:00 PM


Tzu Chi Center
229 E 60th St. NY, 10022

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