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Youth Leadership in the Triple Planetary Crisis: Creating the World We Need to Live In

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Youth Leadership in the Triple Planetary Crisis: Creating the World We Need to Live In

Envisioning Our Shared Future | Panel

The ever-growing impacts of our triple planetary crisis (including climate change, nature and biodiversity loss, and pollution and waste) is projected to put millions of species at risk of extinction and change our lives. Inaction will only lead to the continued erosion of ecosystems, and the destruction of the very air and water needed to live.

With over 49% of the global population being under the age of 30, the youth voice in decision making processes in response to the triple planetary crisis is more important than ever. We cannot be allowed to continue to live unsustainably and must scale up game-changing solutions. This includes doing more to ensure that youth, as key stakeholders, are engaged so that we do not inadvertently leave anyone behind.

This panel will uplift perspectives from youth that are on the front lines of creating change within their communities, building innovative solutions to address key climate, biodiversity and pollution challenges, ushering in a more sustainable future. Additionally, the panel will make the case for the phenomenal opportunity of impact when youth are brought into leadership structures to collaborate in intergenerational ways.

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Jerome Foster II, Environmental Justice Advisor at White House
Sumedha Tanwar, Global Head of Public Relations & Marketing, AIESEC
Jeremy Raguain, AOSIS Fellow at Seychelles Mission
Gator Halpern, UNEP Young Champions of Earth


Amanda Nesheiwat, Deputy Director of Sustainable and Community Outreach, Hudson County Improvement Authority, New Jersey

Date & Time

Thursday, 9/22
1:00 PM – 2:30 PM


Tzu Chi Center
229 E 60th St. NY, 10022

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