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Highlighting Interfaith Responses to Climate Anxiety

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Highlighting Interfaith Responses to Climate Anxiety

Interfaith and Wellbeing | Intentional Meal

In 2021, within the United States alone, over 47 million people expressed living with a mental health condition, a 1.5 million increase from the previous year’s State of Mental Health Report. The confluence of crises – from conflict to economic instability to climate change – have spread a sense of fear, anxiety and loss of hope in many people’s lives. Faith based organizations have traditionally played a key role in maintaining a sense of community, hope, and trust, however, may require retooling to address the magnitude of the challenge at hand.

Additionally, in 2021’s Next Generation Climate Survey, 83% of Generation Z reported concern about their future, in relation to climate change. Simultaneously, their ability to impact policies related to climate actions is limited by their resources, time, expertise and existing commitments to their education, development and mental-wellbeing. This amalgamation of concern, paired with inability to see meaningful change on a systems level, has left many young individuals with a pervasive sense of hopelessness, despair, and dread: climate anxiety.

This panel* brings together representatives from diverse faith groups, to be in conversation with mental health experts, to unpack the critical opportunity that faith leaders have in their communities to help individuals suffering from climate anxiety access mental health resources, address climate grief, cultivate healthy support structures to build resilience towards eco-dread.

*Note: this event will not be livestreamed.

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Date & Time

Wednesday, 9/21
7:30 AM – 9:00 AM


Tzu Chi Center
229 E 60th St. NY, 10022

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