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Mindfulness in the Face of Eco-Anxiety and Climate Grief

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Mindfulness in the Face of Eco-Anxiety and Climate Grief

Interfaith and Wellbeing | Community Based Program

In April 2021, 78% adults in the United States reported that they were either very (48%) or somewhat (31%) concerned about climate change (Speiser & Hill, 2021). Those who are most “alarmed” (as described by Yale and George Mason University and the Six Americas of Climate Change), nearly doubled between 2017 and 2021 and now comprise nearly a quarter (24%) of the United States population (Goldberg et al., 2021).

Recognizing the devastating effects of climate change on communities around the world, the pace of climate progress and possibility, and the seemingly helpless situations many find themselves in, the lived experience of many, in the present moment, is burdened with eco-anxiety and climate grief.

This community-based workshop* brings together three mindfulness practitioners, to host interactive sessions of meditation, yoga, and group therapy to explore healthy responses to eco-anxiety and climate grief. They will share practices that imbue inner peace into the present moment, strengthen mental health, and inspire hope and courage to face an uncertain future.

*Note: this event will not be livestreamed.

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Katherine Lau, NYU Adjunct Professor; Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist in private practice at NYU & TIMA
Steve Yagerman, Pastor & Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist
Dallas Conyers, Owner of Healthy4Purpose

Date & Time

Wednesday, 9/21
7:00 PM – 8:30 PM


Tzu Chi Center
229 E 60th St. NY, 10022

Co-Organized by

Tzu Chi International
Medical Association

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