For Compassionate Relief

For Compassionate Relief

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C.A.F.E. 229: Encounter With the Self

Long ruminating over life’s existential questions, the Wu sisters have a unique program in store for us on C.A.F.E. 229. Hsiao-Hui, Hsiao-Chen, and Hsiao-Jou having each backpacked throughout the world, they came together to open the Caketrees Studio. In our program, each of the Wu sisters will share how different arts- including the tea ceremony, flower arranging, and the playing the Guqin (a Chinese musical instrument)- can be a means to transcend the self and reveal the compassion within. A live performance will also take place. Don’t miss it.

Hsiao-Hui, Hsiao-Chen, and Hsiao-Jou Wu grew up in Manka/Monga/Mengjia 艋舺, one of the oldest streets in Taipei. Together, they established the Caketrees Studio, a tea-house and studio celebrating traditional Taiwanese arts. In Chinese, the name is 無事生活, meaning ‘doing nothing’ – a philosophy that cultivates the joy of living, eliminating stress, and enhancing connection with ourselves and one another. To learn more about the Caketrees Studio, click here.

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