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UNFSS: Covid-19, Climate Change, and Food Security – Challenges and Opportunities

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UNFSS: Covid-19, Climate Change, and Food Security - Challenges and Opportunities

Date: Wednesday, 27 July, 2021
Time: 7:30 AM EDT | 6:30  AM CDT | 4:30 AM PDT

At least 155 million people faced crisis levels of food insecurity in 2020 because of conflict, extreme weather events and economic shocks linked in part to COVID-19.

This session hopes draw upon the lessons learned from the Covid-19 pandemic to provide key insights and a strategy for necessary food systems transformations for resilience to the devastating effects of climate change through case studies on how the global pandemic is affecting global poverty, food security, and nutrition, as well as opinions and reflections from experts and different stakeholders on how we can build a sustainable future together.

– Discuss issues a vulnerable population faces during a global crisis
– Develop a strategic plan to ensure food security for all that is resilient to global crises
– Build resilience to vulnerabilities, shocks and stress through promoting a culture of plant based diets.

– To create a solution space where stakeholders share lessons learned from COVID19 and strengthen the collective capacity to ensure the sustainability of our food systems.
– Taking into account those most affected regions and vulnerable populations to shocks, stresses and longer-term climate changes risks while doing strategic planning.
– Enhancing ambitious action at all levels, by governments, organizations, the private sector and individuals to mitigate the causes and consequences of the climate and environmental crisis.

Raphael Podselver, ProVeg International Political Outreach

FAO: Dr. Zitouni Ould-Dada, Deputy Director, Office of Climate Change, Biodiversity and Environment UNDRR: Loretta Hieber Girardet, Chief, Risk Knowledge, Monitoring and Capacity-Development Branch, UNDRR.
Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation: Ms Denise Tsai, Executive Officer BTCF Mozambique

Panel discussion
What can be done to ensure our pandemic recovery shifts from building back, to building forward, towards creating ambitious systems of equity, resilience, and sustainability, addressing environmental crises while putting the needs of the most vulnerable at the forefront of our response? What role does the transformation of food systems play in this recovery?

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